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We're back....

Updated: Nov 16, 2020

After a considerable hiatus, the art materials website devoted to pigment history stories, interviews with artists and manufacturers, reviews of art materials and items of interest in the world of ASTM will be refreshed and renewed. Also a MAJOR name change has taken place. The old Grammar of Color is evolving into the Syntax of Color. After conducting some Internet searching, several websites use the term, The Grammar of Color or the Grammar of Colouring to point to the writing done by Albert Munsell. However, Munsell was not the first to use the term "grammar." That honor goes to George Field who employed it as the title of his 1850 reference publication, "A Grammar of Colouring." More will be said about Field and his amazing work in the future on this website. As for this site, I am purging the elegant title - Grammar of Color. The Munsell Color company uses that name for their own purposes to discuss the color complements that Albert Munsell developed and published in 1921.

The site has also expanded to link to both Facebook and Instagram so that images and musings about color and art materials can be more easily shared with followers. Be patient regarding postings made that request a reply. This is a one person operation.

As promised in the past, the old Grammar of Color articles shared by email with a group of participants back in the late 1990s and early 2000's will return, refreshed and updated where needed in a blog style format. Stay tuned...

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